An ALT Foundation Initiative


An ALT Foundation Initiative

"Embodying the concept that a person is a person only through other people"


InnoVuntu is an initiative of the African Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation and the University of Zambia, building on the outcomes of the Zambia Climate Leadership Transformation Summit held in October 2020.


Ubuntu (a Zulu word embodying the concept that a person is a person only through other people and that community is a primary building block of a humane society) and Innovation.
We have found that bringing innovative ideas to life requires collaboration, systems thinking, and a shared vision. Grounded in deep listening and an adaptive-leadership approach, InnoVuntu seeks to create a whole new paradigm for people, the environment, and the economy to thrive in uncertain and dynamic times.

Our Goals 

Tackle the Climate Crisis

Cultivate systems-based solutions, especially for the women and youth who are hardest hit by the impacts of climate change and inequality but have the fewest resources to bear the burden.

Boost Innovation, Jobs & Livelihoods

Grow jobs that enhance livelihoods and their sustainability by laying the groundwork for developing a healthy, sustainable economy.

Mobilize Investments

Catalyze investments that advance climate restoration, equitable opportunities, sustainable food production and livelihoods, and innovation.

Transform Leadership

Train leaders to adapt to uncertain times, think systemically, and cultivate new, denser, and richer social networks among change agents.

Our Strategy

We invite diverse stakeholders to create a new shared future, and we start by asking a provocative question:

“Imagine it’s now 2031. Zambia has become a leader in climate restoration and its people, economy, and natural systems are thriving. What would have happened and how would we know it?”

Like many countries in sub- Saharan Africa, Zambia is facing a perfect storm heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic. The confluence of exponential population growth, climate-induced food insecurity, and Covid-exacerbated economic hardship has dramatically reduced the nation’s resilience, calling for all hands on deck. There are many experts and many promising initiatives tackling these challenges. Yet they face a long-standing barrier: While Zambia’s challenges are interconnected, the people working on them are not. 
The power of convening diverse stakeholders to create a shared vision for the future using systems-thinking processes responds to the intersectional nature of Zambia’s many challenges. Our provocative question projects stakeholders into an inspiring future not dictated or limited by the past and invites them to generate new policies, practices, and strategies for achieving this future.

The African Leadership Transformation (ALT) Foundation, in partnership with the University of Zambia, is launching InnoVuntu, a project designed to:

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