An ALT Foundation Initiative


An ALT Foundation Initiative

The Gathering

Outcomes of the gathering

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    ● Key stakeholders across disciplines will have an opportunity and a framework in which to work together on complex problems to develop a systems-based approach to solving them.
    ● A vision statement that reflects a preferred vision of key stakeholders—including the voices of women and youth, groups that are traditionally left out.
    ● Project proposals that will help bring about the future that has been envisioned.
    ● Denser and richer social networks among stakeholders that create social capital.
    ● New investment opportunities that foster climate restoration, equitable opportunities, sustainable livelihoods, and innovation.

    ● Funding for a set of innovation grants that address the identified Key Result Areas.

    ● New leadership capacity.

Our Approach

Bringing diverse, disconnected siloed stakeholders together, to engage in an intersectional, complex conversation to envisage, create and design a future vision and implementation pathway for Zambia’s people, environment, and economy to thrive.

Our Process

A four-phase process of fostering a shared, future-based vision that builds upon the successful 2020 Zambia Climate Leadership Transformation Summit. The process will take approximately one year.


Phase 1

Phase One of the project involves mapping stakeholders and conducting a social network analysis (SNA) of their connections. This will be repeated at the close of the program to assess the extent to which previously excluded stakeholders are now a part of the larger social network.


Phase 2

In Phase Two, these stakeholders will come together in a facilitated, three-day forum in which they will identify common challenges and goals (key result areas), articulate a shared vision for the future they are working toward, and be organized into task forces so they can begin to develop strategies for achieving that vision, and define milestones.


Phase 3

 In Phase Three, stakeholders will attend a leadership development program provided by the University of Zambia and ALT Foundation. The program will be geared toward fostering leadership and systems-thinking skills in an age of uncertainty and urgency.


Phase 4

A follow-up summit is the cornerstone of Phase Four.
There, stakeholders present their investment opportunities to interested donors and investors.

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