Our InnoVuntu Process

Creating the Future, Managing the Present

Vijay Govindarajan, Harvard Business Review, March 31, 2016

There is widespread awareness that the decade ahead is a make-or-break one. Zambian leaders from the public, private, and NGO sectors are right now making strategic decisions about the type of agricultural, economic, and technical progress required to navigate it successfully and set the nation on a resilient future course. 

New national leadership has formed ministries to green the economy, protect the environment, and develop small and medium enterprises. Zambians are developing key climate legislation, and there a new National Adaptation Plan is under development. Against this backdrop, Zambian leaders in policy, academia, NGO, business, and other sectors have expressed interest in finding ways to work across sectors by participating in the food security initiative.

A broad group of stakeholders/change-makers including women and youth will participate in leadership and systems training, including:

The InnoVuntu Process

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